Gun Control Essay: How to Produce a Challenging Research of the Global Burning Issue

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The debates on gun control raise a serious concern as to the safety of ordinary citizens who, paradoxically, can become victims of their own “neighbors”. The main controversy of gun control alludes that a person is not protected against a fellow human being, and you never truly know where the danger awaits you. Does every individual have the right to keep weapon at home? Do crime rates grow when more people start possessing guns? Are you an opponent or proponent of gun-control legislation? Students across the globe attempt to answer these questions when completing their gun control essay assignment. On our part, we eagerly help you to gain insight into gun-control situation globally and instigate new compelling opinions regarding gun control and self-defense, as well as the ensuing laws and restrictions.

What is Gun Control? The Definition that Encourages Complex Discussion

Even when you hear the term “gun control” for the first time, your initial thought is likely that “this is something that should be controlled and strictly regulated”. The gun control can be related to various kinds of restrictions regarding firearms. It is aimed to limit its open access so that not everyone will be able to sell and purchase guns, possess, store, and carry weapons, from pistols to rifles. When the gun control comes into effect, you have to learn everything about your duties and obligations both as the seller and the buyer. Moreover, your gun purchases are tracked and recorded by the governmental body. Thus, it also means you need to have special documents that would allow you to buy a gun.

Why is the matter of gun control so widely discussed virtually in every corner of the world?

It could not not become a burning issue if some categories of people or certain communities had not displayed the atrocious violence. While there might have been miscellaneous political and social causes, the tragic fact has remained – terrorist attacks, mass shootings (even in schools), and other cases of horrible homicide have not ceased to this day.
This topic is relevant, as the “dormant evil” is always somewhere among us. It is even ghastly to imagine how difficult it is to produce gun control essays for students who witnessed murder in their own schools. However, it is also impossible and wrong to keep silent. This pressing question should be investigated from diverse perspectives to comprehend psychological aspects of violence and evaluate the categories of people who can be allowed to possess guns without the grim consequences.
As people are inclined to argumentative points of views, pro-gun control supporters state that it is essential to regulate firearms possession, strictly checking each potential and current gun owner. Some of them encourage to ban weapons for all ordinary citizens, allowing gun possession only to the police, FBI, and other military representatives. On the contrary, anti-gun control followers promote the advantages of weapon possession by emphasizing on the self-defense factor and asserting that everyone should have the right to protect themselves.
Why is it especially controversial in the United States? The main argument stems from the Second Amendment that was passed in 1791. Being a quintessential supplement of the Bill of Rights, it endowed American citizens with the right of gun possession. As society is changing, the rights along with the attitudes to relevant issues tend transform as well. However, even more advanced interpretations of court precedents regarding the Second Amendment could not influence the proper gun control implementation.


The Focal Gun Control Pros and Cons

Hot debates are continuing as there are whole communities who support gun control and an abundance of individuals who reasonably speak out against it. The subsequent advantages and disadvantages of gun control can be further elucidated.

Gun Control Advantages

  • Terrorist attacks occur unexpectedly, as all the perpetrators legally purchased their guns. The USA citizens will benefit from gun control, as there has been a troubling number of mass shooting incidents. If gun possession is controlled, lots of cases of potential homicide will be prevented.
  • Even if a person purchases a gun for self-defense, you cannot predict their further actions as you cannot properly assess their mental stability. There are numerous psychosocial issues that provoke gun violence. The recent researches reveal that there is a higher risk of manslaughter if a firearm is kept in a house. There is also a direct correlation between gun possession and frequent suicides.
  • You can still be a legal owner of your weapon. However, your documentation will be more strictly checked. Therefore, it means that gun control implies rational restriction in order to prevent violent incidents. At the same time, you have to understand that a legal owner will not be forced to give in their gun, only in cases of emergency.
  • If you put restrictions on gun possession, the chances of accidental injuries are immensely decreased. Besides the malevolent cases of intended violence, you can accidentally harm yourself or others if your gun is not hidden properly in your house.

Gun Control Disadvantages

  • Gun possession can save lives if you use weapons for self-defense. Even if gun control is massively endorsed, it will not influence the decisions of perpetrators to plan yet another terrorist attack or mass shooting. It does not eradicate danger; it can even incite it. you must remember that criminals can use not only firearms to harm others. They can use knives, cars, and various “hand-made” explosives.
  • If people do not have access to guns, they will become more vulnerable. Gun possession is related to suicides, but if you take guns away, can the suicide incidents be prevented?
    It is highly unlikely you will stop the potential self-murderer, as they have planned to do it, and they will likely commit it. They will only come up with a different idea of self-harm.
  • Crime rates are still the same even when gun control is enforced
    It has been reported that some American states have growing crime rates due to gun control authorization. It may sound as a paradox, but those countries that have the highest number of gun owners appear to be the safest ones.


Planning the Gun Control Research Paper Structure

A gun control essay can be of complicated nature as it can contain many arguments that will speak for or against the burning issue. It can contain your own opinion, which should be persuasive and authoritative, especially if your assignment is to write a gun control argumentative essay.
Planning before starting the actual writing process is always a good idea. There is an outline you can follow to know all your creative steps.

  • Introduction

The title can be generated before or after the writing process. Let us imagine you already have a strong title of your gun control essay. Afterwards, you begin to delve into the introduction writing. It is always beneficial if you know how to attract the attention of your target audience at the initial stage. Further, elucidate the focal points of the research, clearly introducing your leading opinion. If your investigation background is something worthy to mention, include it in the introduction as well. Do not skip the thesis statement. It should include the most fundamental thought related to gun control.

  • Body paragraphs

Every sentence in your body text should coherently guide your readers towards the major opinion you support. When presenting fundamental points, connect it with the topical evidence, as you cannot invent facts. Even if your audience is hooked owing to the catchy introduction, they may get bored and disinterested if you do not make your text flow comprehensibly and logically. Transition phrases are helpful for strong body paragraphs.

  • Conclusion

The major ideas you explored should be summarized in a way that it will encourage future investigations. You can restate only your thesis, but the rest of the conclusion should contain new relevant ideas regarding the topic. A seamlessly crafted conclusion makes your whole essay memorable. There are such sly writing techniques as rhetorical questions and dramatic pleas to leave your readers with an impression that provokes reflections on this controversial issue.
Citations. If you found groundbreaking opinions regarding gun control, you have to cite the words of a reputable individual accurately. Keep in mind: your text should be mostly based on your opinions and researches. Hence, it should not consist of lots of citations. However, every found material should be properly referenced.

Attention-grabbing Titles for the Immaculate Gun Control Essay

  • We have come up with the catchy titles to motivate you to produce a decent gun control essay.
  • How would gun control influence the crime rates in the developing countries?
  • Who was the initial contributor to gun control?
  • Do firearms save lives or take lives?
  • Can you discover and prevent the planned crimes owing to gun control?
  • Gun possession should be strictly interrelated with individual mental well-being.
  • See a psychologist before you are allowed to own a weapon.
  • Have guns always been dangerous?
  • Gun control does not guarantee reasonable self-defense.
  • We will not decrease the cases of homicide by banning guns.
  • If gun control is implemented, the economy will suffer.
  • The list of illegal guns in developed countries.
  • The reasons behind prohibition of fully automatic weapons.
  • The risks of keeping machine guns at home.
  • Do the opponents of gun control own firearms?

Final Touches When Crafting Your Gun Control Essay

  • All ideas you present should be based on evidence. You cannot just talk about such a serious topic as gun control without using the supporting facts. Thus, do not forget to mention all the background information and gun control statistics you collected.
  • Each argument should follow a distinct structure. A clear structure of your essay will keep your reader engaged. Your language should reflect the investigatory professionalism.
  • Check the novelty of your findings. If you talk about the burning issue, it must reflect relevance on the global scale. Hence, your essay cannot be based on the old data, as the approach to gun control is constantly changing.
  • Delve into the psychological factor. Although anyone can be a gun owner, not everyone is psychologically stable, so the trigger can be pulled anytime. Gun control and the general social well-being are also interrelated aspects.
  • Speak out as your opinion might be significant. Perhaps, you are more interested in gun control issue than your peers. Your thoughts may be ground-breaking, so do not be afraid to express them.